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APEDA (Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority)

APEDA was established in 1985, under APEDA Act, 1985. The main objective of the APEDA Act is to promote the export and development of scheduled products. Rules and regulations are made by Central Government as according to the provisions of APEDA Act, for better working of APEDA and its implementation.

The products which are mentioned under APEDA Act are known as scheduled products.  Any person who exports scheduled products should register under APEDA. He can either be registered as  manufacturing exporter or merchant exporter.

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  • Scheduled products

    APEDA is under obligation with a responsibility to promote the export and development of scheduled products. Some of them are mentioned here : Fruits, Vegetable, Meat, Poultry Product. Dairy Product, Confectionery, Biscuit, Bakery Product, Honey, Jaggery and Sugar Product, Cocoa product, chocolate, floriculture Product. Pickles, Papad and Chutney etc

  • Functions of APEDA
    • Promotion and development of Scheduled products.

    • To fix the standards for scheduled products.

    • To register the person who exports scheduled products after the paying the fees.

    • Improve the quality of packing as well as marketing of schedules products.

    • Hold an inspection timely, to have a check on the quality of scheduled products.

    • To train the industries which are in connection with scheduled products and also to develop the same.

    • To collect the statistics data from the factories or from the owner of such establishment and also publish the same.

  • Advantages
    • Registration of APEDA is necessary for the export of scheduled products.

    • Exporters can take benefits of the schemes under APEDA related to financial help.

    • It helps in publicity of products or brand with the help of advertising the products, their development and by conducting surveys, etc.

    • It provide some guidelines to all the exporters of scheduled product for export around the world.

    • There are some trainings which are organized by APEDA itself for exporters of scheduled products for improving their business, registered members can take part in same. 

  • Registration

    Step 1 : Applicant i.e. exporter must file an application form in the period of one month from the day of undertaking of  business. If this time limits completes and still the exporter fails to register then only Authority can extend the date.

    Step 2 : After the filing of application, issuance of Register-Cum-membership-Certificate (RCMC) will be done by Authority. This is one time registration and governed under the provisions of APEDA Act.

  • Documents for registration
    • An application form which is duly signed

    • A copy of the code which is issued by DGFT, namely Import-export Code

    • Certificate which is provided by Bank must be signed by its authorities

    • Statement of Bank Account of two latest months of the establishment

    • A cheque which has been cancelled

  • Online Registration Process
    1. Login to website named APEDA Website and then click on “Register as Member”

    2. Submit the details as IE Code, Mobile No. and E-mail

    3. OTP will be sent on Mobile no. or email which is mentioned in form and the same is required for verification and then click submit to proceed further.

    4. Fill out the application form and upload the mandatory documents, these can be submitted in the form of JPEG, PDF or PNG.

    5. Once the payment part has been done, no editing is possible in the application form, until payment information can be edited by visiting the website with the help  of OTP

    6. Registration fees is Rs. 5000/- and it does not include tax. Payment can be done via credit card, debit card or demand draft.

    7. After the payment a application number is provided for future reference.

    8. On issuance of RCMC, login details are sent to exporter through registered email and it helps in reviewing the status of application. One can login though the option of “Exporter Login” link provided at APEDA website.

    9. Application status can be tracked by clicking on  “Track Application” link.

    10. If application needs any change then, one can resubmit the following details or documents.

    11. After getting the approval of RCMC from authorities of APEDA, exporter can obtain certificate by clicking on “View RCMC Certificate” under RCMC Menu.

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