BRN (Business Registration Number)


Business can be defined as an enterprising entity of a person, partnership or corporation etc., engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or service.

Business Registration Number is a 16 digit unique identification number of an establishment in the Business Register. It may be allotted in different manner in rural and urban areas.

Rural Area : 6 digit census village code + 4 high order zero + 6 digit running serial no. of an establishment mentioned in the Business Register which is  assigned in the order they appear for registration starting from one in each village – 16 digit code as VVVVVV0000EEEEEE

Urban Area : 6 digit census town code + 4 digit ward code + 6 digit running serial no. of an establishment mentioned in the Business Register which is assigned in the order they appear for registration starting from one in each town – 16 digit code as TTTTTTWWWWEEEEEE

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  • Advantages

    Bank account

    • A bank account is important for conducting business, whether it is small or big. If business is properly registered then opening bank account becomes easy and quick.


    • If the business is properly registered and a bank account is also there on the name of business, getting loans becomes easier.


  • Reputation with customer

    Every new client, customer needs to be assured that he has approached the right place, so if a business is filed on state, or is registered in proper way. Then the customers will be assured and they will be ready to invest money or to work under the name of business.

  • Supplier arrangement

    Generally, suppliers reserve wholesale rates for business owners who can show official paperwork from the state. A registered business also makes you eligible to receive supplier discounts, that a unregistered business cannot get.

  • Hiring employees

    A registered business will allow a owner to hire part time or full time employees, as per the provisions made by State. After getting registered the business, a state identification number is received which will eventually help the employees in the matter of tax. 

  • For private entrepreneurs
    • Establishing a business profile for a specific area

    • Response burden gets reduces by designing a standard format and by giving advise to  the enterprises to fill the same so that the existing number returns can be reduced to a bare minimum

    • Analyzing existing potential business markets

    • Assessing market research

  • For Government
    • Reducing administrative burden

    • Improving efficiency in registration system

    • National accounting and formulation, monitoring and planning of an effective policy

  • Procedure to Apply for BRN Number

    It is the duty of the state to develop a Business Registration Centre (BRC) in each district. This particular Centre may be established by DES also. This BRC will provide BRN after completing the procedure and principal activity Code (NIC 2008) to the entrepreneur who wishes to establish enterprise in the particular district, which is considered important to  develop the frame of establishments, commonly known as Business Register of activities engaged in the production of goods and services that are adding value to the state income, District Business Register is a useful tool for creation of district level  information and also for conducting sector wise surveys time to time.

    1. To get Business Registration No. (BRN) Click on Apply BRN. (If applying BRN for NGO/Voluntary Organization, then click on Apply BRN (For NGO)).

    2. Provide only your Mobile Number/e-mail. Not of  any other person otherwise issued BRN will be treated as of that persons. If applying through Aadhaar Number, then use Mobile number registered in Aadhaar card.

    3. Before filling application for BRN, please read the documents carefully.

    4. In the identification process, information related to the status of Institution/Firm need to be provided.

    5. Identity proof/Aadhaar No/Bhamashah Card No. should be provided.

    6. In the Name & Address of Business Place, only Institution/Firm information should be provided.

    7. If Name & Address of Head Office is available, then only it should be filled, otherwise leave it blank.

    8. In the description of Major Activity, fill the relevant work of Institution/Firm.

    9. Please provide, actual no. of workers present including owner.

    10. Please choose correct ownership code, if you choose others, clarify in the remarks column.

    11. Existing/Proposed Investment is required to be filled in lakhs Rupees.

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