CE Marking


CE is a mark of certification which indicates the conformity with standards of health, safety and environmental protection for the products which gets sold in the European Economic Area (EEA).

CE is an abbreviation of the term "Conformité Européenne" which means European Conformity in French.  CE mark means CE logo along with 4 digit identification number of Notified body which is involved in procedure of conformity assessment. This mark must be visible properly and legible.

This mark refers the declaration made by manufacturer on products which fulfils the EU standards or New Approach Directives for health, safety and environmental protection.  Scope of these standards are wide as these standards also apply to products which are manufactured or to be sold in EEA. CE marking is recognizable throughout the world even to those who are not familiar with this.

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  • Is CE marking obligatory ?

    CE marking is mandatory only for the products  which requires affixing of the marking and EU specification must exist for the same.

  • How does it works ?

    CE mark is a kind of symbol that is affixed to many of the products which are to be sold in European Market. CE mark indicates that :

    • Product fulfils the necessary conditions which are required for European product directives

    • Product meets all safety standards.

    • Product if good for its purpose and do not create danger.

  • Fee provisions

    As a manufacturer for assessment conformity there is no need to pay fees but if services of notified body are being opt then, fees must be paid to notified body for their services. Their fees depends on the characteristic of the product.

  • How to get CE mark ?

    Step 1 : all the applicable directives must be identified

    Step 2 : all the necessary requirements  for applicability of directives must be identified.

    Step 3 : to get CE certificate it is mandatory to test the products and take approval of the same form a notified body.

    Step 4 :  conformity of the product must get assessed.

    Step 5 : a technical file is prepared which contains all the information including documents, results of test or any report.

    Step 6 :  a declaration must be made for the conformity of product and finally CE mark is affixed.

  • Advantages
    • After the mark, a particular product can be sold in European Union and Free trade area of Europe legally.

    •  It also indicates that the product is of good quality and meets requirements for safety, protection.

    • The conflicting duplicate regulations are eliminated after getting CE mark. There is only one procedure to follow for manufacturing of the product for European Economic Area.

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