Hallmark Certification


Hallmark is a mark of trust, an unique identification for jewellery. It can be any word, name, symbol which is used by manufacturer for identification and differentiation their products from other products, manufactured and sold by others.

Hallmark license id issued by an authorized agency, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India. It is under obligation for all license holders (for gold and silver jewellery both) to keep the quality control for managing quality as per the provisions of BIS scheme.

Hallmark certification process is governed by Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 and Bureau of Indian Standards Rules & Regulations, 2018

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  • Benefit of Hallmark Certification
    • Commitment towards quality management.

    • Purity and quality assurance of gold and silver.

    • Customer contentment.

    • Business growth.

    • Creates good will and reputation in the market.

  • Importance
    • Expands the business

    • Increases the value of some particular, precious stones

    • Builds trust in jewellery

    • Ensures the quality of jewellery products

    • Provides legal protection against any infringement of provisions

    • Builds relationship between customer and jeweller

    • Satisfies the customers

  • Certification process

    Step 1 : Prepare a list of all the documents necessary for registration

    Step 2 : Creation of agreement on stamp paper in prescribed format, as of IPR 100/-

    Step 3 : Fill the application form for registration

    Step 4 : Payment of fees for application process

    Step 5 : Inspection has been conducted by the inspector of concerned Department of Bureau of Indian Standards.

  • Validity

    BIS hallmark license has been granted for 1 year minimum and maximum of 2 years. After the expiry of this period, license needs to be renewed. Renewal of license period is minimum of 1 year and maximum of 5 years.

  • Requirements for renewal of license
    • Fill the application under Form XII

    • Production details  of every month

    • Performance of bank

    • Payment of fees

  • Identification of Hallmark
    • Logo of BIS hallmark is present on jewellery

    • Purity status number is present

    • Logo of BIS assaying centre is present

    • Jeweller code/logo is present

    • Year of marking by a particular code letter, decided by BIS

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