ISO Certification Reimbursement



For ISO reimbursement, the eligibility is as follows:

  • The MSEs/ancillary/SSSB units, which have already acquired ISO certification
  • The Scheme shall provide a one-time reimbursement only against a Permanent SSI Registration Certificate
  • The amount of incentive already availed for acquiring ISO 9000 or ISO 14001 Certification under any Central Govt.

Maximum Grant per Application/ Proposal

  1. Payments made to Certification Agency (excluding travel & hotel expenses & Surveillance charges) = Full Amount
  2. Payments made towards (Consultancy; Training  – Up to Rs. 30,000, Calibration)
  3. Entitlement for reimbursement- 75% (Full amount + Up to Rs.30,000 ) Up to Rs. 75,000

Application Procedure

MSEs with their registration no. is required to submit their application, duly completed, to their local Director, MSME-DI. Reimbursement for consultation fee (for the application received under ISO 9000/14001 reimbursement Scheme) will be made only if the consultants are from any one of the following:-

  1. Consultants registered with National Registration Board for Personal & Training (NRBPT)
  2. TQM Division of Textile Committee
  3. National Productivity Council(NPC)
  4. Consultancy Development Centre(CDC)
  5. Small Industries Service Institutes &

Important Documents:

  • EM Number: Applications received for reimbursement under the Scheme for Quality Management 9001 and Environment Management 14001 respectively will have to be with the EM Number in place of Permanent Registration Number – which can be obtained from DIC as per the MSMED Act, 2006.
    Applicants are required to submit applications only with the Director of MSME-DI formerly known as SISI in the area where the units are located.
  • Invoice for payments: Applicants are required to enclose the Invoice for payments made by them to the certifying bodies, consultants and other expenses also with other annexures.